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RIBA Credit Limited is a non-deposit taking micro-finance institution, registered as a Private Limited Company,incorporated in 2016 with over 20,000 clients. Our intent is to meet an overwhelming market need of providing working capital solutions to Individuals and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). We offer loans, guarantees, and insurance services. We are a credit only finance company, we do not take deposits to finance our lending.

  • Loans with quick approval.
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  • We provide the fastest turn around time in the market.

Loan products

We provide loans with quick approval/disbursal that suit your needs


Riba Bora Loan

product designed to cater for micro enterprises that are un-banked or under-banked


    Mpesa statement 6 months
    Two colored passports
    2 guarantors with kra pin and passport (closely related)
    Business permit


    Household items
    Business assets

Loan duration

    one to twelve months

Biashara loan

Designed to cater for small and micro enterprises (SMEs). Meant for those microfinance clients who would require borrowing more funds and have acquired conventional securities to secure their facilities


    Original Logbook
    2 coloured passport
    Copy of National ID or Certificate of registration/Incorporation
    KRA Pin
    Bank/Mpesa statement for the last 6 months


    Motor vehicle log book

Loan duration

    one to twenty-four months

Bidhaa loan

This product is meant to assist Riba clients acquire assets to meet their domestic or personal needs. They include solar panel,jikos, watertanks,etc


    Mpesa statement 6 months
    Two colored passports
    2 guarantors with kra pin and passport (closely related)


    House hold goods
    Asset under purchase

Loan duration

    One to twelve months

Frequently asked questions

We will determine this after the appraisal of your statement.Your security will also determine how much you qualify
Its based on the amount qualified but will fall between 6-12 months
No savings required

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